The term Astrological Magic generally refers to the use of astrological timing regarding the movements and positions of celestial bodies in the creation of magical objects (eg talismans) or the casting of spells. Of course, divination is also a magical operation in itself and one astrology is primarily associated with, but whenever people talk about Astrological Magic they're generally refering to Astrological Evocation, Astrological Invocation and Astrological Enchantment rather than to Astrological Divination. The difference between an astrologer and an astrologer-magician then, it seems, is that the former concerns themself exclusively with divination while the latter has added all the other magical operations to their curriculum.

Astrology in practice requires a lot of time and study and equipment and consequently both astrologers and astrologer-mages can justifiably be described as specialists. 

Astrological Witchcraft, on the other hand, is a term I would employ to describe the use of astrology in witchcraft. Like magpies, witches take the bits of astrological magic that catch their eye and incorporate them into their own eclectic praxis.

Whereas the astrologer-mage might employ astrology to create a talisman with a very specific purpose, witchcraft tends to employ astrology primarily in order to "add juice" to a spell.

The witch's approach to astrology is a flexible, non-specialist one. Whereas the position of celestial bodies dictates to the astrologer-mage what they can do and when, the witch generally just wants to add some juice to whatever they've got going on. The trade-off here is that although the flexible approach adds juice to an operation, the "juice" of an astrologer's specialist operation will be orders of magnitude greater.

Just how much astrology should be incorporated into witchcraft is dictated by the individual witch themself. For example, as I write this it is dawn on a Sunday, so it is both the day and the hour ruled by Sol. I might also want to look at what sign of the Zodiac we're in (Capricorn, ruled by Saturn) or what sign the moon is in (Pisces, ruled by Jupiter) or even what signs all seven classical planets are in - but then again I might not.

The most common  way of incorporating astrology into witchcraft is to factor in who the ruler of the day is and, for more juice, who the ruler of the hour is. If the rulers of both are one and the same, then the juice is increased - more so when they also happen to be the ruler of the current astrological month.

The use of the moon and moon signs is something I associate more specifically with health, household maintenance, gardening and agriculture, as exemplified by the Rhythm of Nature website's lunar calendar

In my view if you also want to trouble yourself with factoring in the rest of the planets and their positions, you might as well become an astrologer.